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Welcome to Ripplingkeys Music

I'm Rory Marsden, a Norfolk-based musician. I hope you enjoy looking round my website. Please contact me if I can help with your music requirements.

About Me

I was born in London and learnt piano and cello as a boy. I studied biochemistry at UCL and have always enjoyed the heady combination of maths, science and music. My career has been a bit of both, but is now firmly on the music side.

I have been teaching music for many years, and have a huge number of exam successes with my students. Many of my pupils have gone on to careers in music, while the others have their music as a lifelong hobby. I am very proud of all of them, and I continue to get a great deal out of this work. I believe that lessons should be fun, but making good progress is part of the fun, so I’ll expect you to practise! read more

New Gittern!

When I was at the Medieval Music In the Dales festival two weeks ago, I bought a new gittern – a medieval instrument which is an early form of the guitar. This one was made by Ugo Casalonga from Corsica. He has a wonderful workshop, where he makes all manner of medieval stringed instruments, entirely by hand. I enjoyed talking to Ugo, and I loved the sound of the gittern he had on display. It was a great opportunity to buy this instrument, and Bolton Castle was a wonderful setting for the Instruments Exhibition during the festival. read more


Who Needs Grade Exams?

Mediæval Music In The Dales

This Festival is held every year in the Yorkshire Dales, and I never even knew about it until early this summer! So here I am in Wensleydale, home of Wallace’s favourite cheese, ready to leave early for Bolton Castle tomorrow. I have brought my violin, my recorders and my gittern (mediæval stringed instrument, rather like an early guitar). I’ve signed up for a few workshops, including a string workshop and a male voice choir! Should be good, but I’ll let you know….

https://www.medievalmusicinthedales.co.uk read more

Dinner Jazz at Blackfriars Hall, Norwich

I was both honoured and delighted to be asked to play dinner jazz for Nick and Antoinette Faulkner’s Golden Wedding Anniversary celebrations at Blackfriars Hall last Saturday. It was a glittering occasion, with elegant guests, beautiful food and a sparkling ambience in this most stylish of venues.

The Bösendorfer piano on the stage has a rich and velvety sound, and I played two 45-minute sets of (mostly) jazz – throwing in a couple of lovely classical works, one by Beethoven, the other by Chopin. The jazz numbers from my set included: read more